Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's swap..

Collecting fridge magnets is a very worthwhile hobby. It can help us build friendships and/or strengthen the old ones. An example? I met a very kindhearted Thai friend from one site on the net. I learned that she is also into fridge magnet collection so we decided to create a "swap meet." And a few weeks later, I received three magnets from her. I also sent some to her the ones I bought from here, Xian (an ancient city in China) and Manila.

To sum up, I am happy to keep a total of 26 magnets: 3 from Australia (through Justin, my Australian colleague), 3 from Joyjoei (Thailand), 2 from the US (a surprise gift from Flirt and the other one was from Mommy Beth), 5 from my Japanese friend, Takae (they are not included here I used them for my family's pictures.) 3 from Dave, my colleague from NZ and the rest are my own from my trips to Shanghai, Xian and my country, the Philippines.

I'd like to collect more so if you are keen on this, can we swap, please? Please..



At 2:01 AM , Anonymous thess said...

hello there! 'got here via pinayhekmi's page :-)

i used for the very first time a fridge magnet just 3 days back, cos my frigde is only 1 1/2 months old and no longer built inside a wooden cabinet.. so the freedom to stick magnets into it is relatively new (haba ng explanation ano? ^-^ )

anyway, I would love to swap magnets with you! I will find me some magnets this afternon, take a pic of my frigde then post it on my page (pls. don't forget to visit it when u find the time, though I am blogging irregularly these months) just tell me which magnets you fancy, k?

'hope i could find some nice magnets *cross-fingers*...have a nice day!

At 3:10 AM , Blogger Yupki said...

Hi, you left a message on my blog. Sure, would love to swap. Can you email me at yasminka-at-gmail-dot-com?

At 5:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's such a nice idea. But how can we swap? Thru mail?

At 5:01 PM , Blogger My Sanctuary said...

Hello Thess, good morning!

Buti naman this time you can display your fridge magnets, masayang sight sila sa house, diba?

And yes, thanks soo much for saying yes to my request..yehey! I'm happy!

Were you able to find some beautiful ones yesterday? Ang gaganda siguro wow excited na naman po ako..:-D

I'll visit your site ngayon...have a superb day in the land of tulips!


At 5:03 PM , Blogger My Sanctuary said...

Hi Yupki, am soo thrilled that we can swap...great! Thank you...and yes, I'll email you very soon...

This time, whenever I get to travel somewhere, I will for buy you and for friends here, too.

Ang saya diba?

Have fun collecting!


At 5:06 PM , Blogger My Sanctuary said...

Kumusta Rach, good morning!

Thanks for liking the idea and for joining as well. Magandang interaction between us 'to diba? Sana we can start soon. And yes, Rach share tayo through mail. Pls. email me your postal address at Thank you..

God bless!

At 6:26 PM , Blogger KaY said...

Sent you an email and linked you up as well. Check it out.

At 7:02 PM , Blogger My Sanctuary said...

Hi Kay, I saw your site as well and your collection, wow ang dami and lahat maganda...
Hope we can do swap meeting soon.. :-D
Thanks for linking me up..


At 4:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi siena,

i'm so excited about your swapping idea. i think it's a lovely endeavor.

i emailed you my contact details. kindly email me yours too (you can reply to the email i sent).


At 4:23 PM , Blogger My Sanctuary said...

Hi Rach,
I got your email, thanks!
Today, I will find some magnets in the city. Hope to buy cuter ones for you and Yohan. :-D

At 5:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks siena. i'll do my ref magnet hunting this weekend when i go to the mall with my family.



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