Friday, October 06, 2006

Ang Bata at ang Sapatos

Ang ganda naman ng bata. Naalala ko si Chachie ng bata pa. Ganito rin chubby. Sooo huggable.

Ang cute naman ng sapatos. I was really attracted. So fab!

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At 7:00 AM , Blogger Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

nice photo. you have a keen eye. i agree, nice shoes.


At 7:50 AM , Blogger Venusian said...

Hi Rach,

Yeah, really fab shoe! It made me visit Carrefour to have a look if I could find one. No luck hehe.

Hope you enjoy your day today..

At 8:26 AM , Blogger Venusian said...

Thanks Rach for the nice comments..

Enjoy your Sunday! :-D

At 5:29 PM , Anonymous Sonnie said...

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At 10:46 PM , Blogger Venusian said...

Thanks Sir Sonnie for this valuable tip..
I'll keep it in mind. Baka pag-uwi ko I might study HTML or CSS, this is really a goal for me as I am techno-bobo.

BTW, your site at is impressive. Will visit often from now on..

Thanks again Sir and have a restful Sunday.


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