Saturday, September 30, 2006

The outcome?

See? Beautiful, isn't it?

No wonder couples really allocate time for the photo sessions.

By the way, this is Takae, my very good Japanese friend (at university) with her Chinese hubby.

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Outdoor shoots for the bride and groom

Another very engaging sight is this. I think this park is a popular place for photo sessions like this one because I saw 3 couples doing their shoots at that same day.

Two weeks before the wedding, a Chinese couple is encouraged to have this kind of outdoor photo shooting for their wedding album. While in the Philippines, our tradition is that a bride couldn't wear her wedding gown except on the very day of her wedding ceremony. For some superstitious reasons, you know.

Well, in China, they don't recognize such belief. Hence, the activity.

I don't really blame them coz I love those photo frames of newly-wed couples!

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Are you in for another surprise?

It's perfectly all right guys! Let him enjoy a good nap. :-D

Note: Semi-nude? Forgive the author pls.


Pumpkin from the garden

Here's a bigger picture of the pumpkin. To everyone who'll be celebrating the Thanksgiving Day (very soon), this photo is for you. Special mention to Ms. Merry from the US and Tristan from Canada, my good friends at the other site. :-D


Secret Garden

The other day, I was following my feet and suddenly, I discovered a secret garden with huge fruits and veggies. Wow! What a pleasant surprise!



I love teapots and collecting them has become one of my passions (at the moment). I already have a few. Now, the thing is that I fell in love with this teapot but they wouldn't let me have it!

Why? oh why?

OK I know I sound too crazy but for the visitors who would want to feel in love with this teapot, please visit the Tianxin Ge Pavilion. This tourist destination can only be found here in Changsha. Please have a look.


The real ones...

Gorgeous fashion darlings. High-priced outfits. Sigh. If only I could wear one of those.

Well...I could buy that scarf! Of course! And the most inexpensive accesory of the season? that necklace!

P.S. The photo should stay that way so no girl would feel too envious.


A fashionista in me?

Saturdays are normal days for shopping. This applies to all teenagers here in Changsha. For me, hmm OK let me join them (feeling teenager?!?). But unfortunately, I only have a few Renmimbi in my wallet. The office wouldn't let us have our October salary before the holidays. However, I am joining the rush of shoppers! Window-shoppers! Poor me. Anyway, this afternoon, to console my semi-depressed spirit, I bought magazines! Take a look...

These magazines can uplift my mood so after browsing and imagining myself wearing all those fancy autumn clothes, I heard myself squealing with delight! Yes, this is SO me. Mababaw ang kaligayahan.

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