Monday, October 16, 2006

A buddhist?

A believer, maybe.

What I love most about these buddhist temples is the smell of those incense sticks when lit. It always gives me some kind of enlightenment and deep appreciation for this extraordinarily odd but enticing culture.

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At 9:04 AM , Blogger Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

I've never been to a Buddhist temple before but I've watched some documentaries about it. I find some of their teachings very true.

I like the smell of incense too infact I keep some incense sticks at home. The smell of incense gives the place a feeling of serenity and peace.


At 12:18 AM , Blogger Chateau said...

Hello! Got your link from your comment on the MomExchange.
Anyway, I'm a newbie Buddhist (still struggling over vegetarianism! LOL)and it's nice to know your view on the religion. :)

At 4:42 AM , Blogger Venusian said...

I hope you can visit China one time Rach to experience the serenity of these temples. Ang sarap ng feeling when you are at peace with yourself and the surroundings. I had this feeling when I visited the Temple of heaven in Beijing. It was like, gloriously unforgettable.

At 4:48 AM , Blogger Venusian said...

Hi Chateau, thanks for visiting...
And about Buddhism, I am quite intrigued about it and I want to learn more.

It's nice to know you're a newbie Buddhist. :-D

btw, your ID photo is cute..

At 12:37 AM , Blogger Chateau said...

Thanks! That's my son when he was a few days old.

I'd like to ask- How far away is Xi'an from Beijing? and how to get there (train/bus/plane)? My hubby goes to CN a lot but only on business, usually in shanghai, chongqing and zhejiang. He promised to take me with him soon, but on vacation, NOT work. I LOVE China - the history, culture, the places. It's a beautiful country! :)


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