Sunday, October 08, 2006

Paper bag na censored?

I bet ladies will love this shopping bag.
If you were a shopaholic, would you buy if you would get this kind of paper bag?

Note: Thanks again to Kuya N. for the pic.
To the viewers, please write a note if it may cause a big trouble.

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At 2:40 AM , Anonymous thess said...

hi Siena!

Ive seen this funny picture before *lol* Oh hell yeah, I will definitely use this *wink*

btw, my fridge magnets' pic is up, waiting for you

At 8:32 AM , Blogger Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Cool paper bag. I wouldn't mind getting one.


At 2:41 AM , Blogger Toni said...

Why not? I'd buy it for the photo op. *L*

At 9:32 AM , Blogger Venusian said...

Hi Thess,
Sorry for this super "late" reply. My killer days have just started. Please forgive me.

And yes, I am so eager to see your collection Thess, finally yehey we can swap! :-D

And about the pic, sure me too!LOL

At 9:33 AM , Blogger Venusian said...

Hello there Rach,

Lol we share the same feeling. :o)

Have a great day tomorrow!

At 9:40 AM , Blogger Venusian said...

Yeah Toni, same here. :-D

I could even stay in the city for hours walking here and there! LOL

The three of you made me shriek. Thanks a lot!

Have fun tomorrow! :-D


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